Meet Agim Mehmeti and his unique woodwork

June 4, 2020

Agim Mehmeti starts his day early in the morning, making sure he’s ready for his clients. He lives in Mitrovicë/a and runs a small business producing woodwork furniture, named “A&M Dekor”. His knowledge and passion enable Mehmeti to produce custom made items as per costumers’ requirements and taste.

In 2015, Mehmeti immigrated to Germany hoping for better life opportunities.  Since he was staying in Germany without a legal residence, thus unable to work, in that same year, he decided to return to Kosovo.

Determined to make a living in Kosovo, Mehmeti was committed to find a way to establish his own business doing what he does best and is experienced in, woodwork.
Last year, he applied for the Self-Employment Programme for repatriated persons  implemented by ALMP2/UNDP and received a package of tools and equipment, which supported his efforts to finally start building his dream.

“I run a small business, but I own something long lasting and I’m able to provide for and support my parents and my siblings. Finally, I have a business I always dreamed of, in my homeland Kosovo”.

With the aim of supporting sustainable employment for the jobseekers in Kosovo, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), through the Active Labour Market Programme (ALMP 2) and Kosovo Employment Agency (KEA) has offered support to nearly 900 jobseekers in Kosovo during 2019, through different employment measures.