Inclusive Growth & Climate Resilience


For Kosovo to reach its full potential, UNDP Kosovo is committed to supporting transitioning to a model of growth that is inclusive and within planetary boundaries in terms of production and consumption. Through green transition, new jobs can be created, and Kosovo will be able to move to a net zero carbon development path.

UNDP supports Kosovo in reducing poverty and inequalities, creating sustainable employment, ensuring protection and sustainable use of natural resources, and building resilience to climate risks. 

We ensure sustainability of development gains by supporting Kosovo institutions through expertise and skills development, engaging with the non-governmental stakeholders, and community at large. 

Economic Growth, Social Protection and Employment

Sustainable and decent employment will be promoted as a way of alleviating poverty, inequalities, and exclusion. Our work focuses on supporting job creation, improving the quality of available employment, with a focus on future of jobs, as well as supporting social protection that is designed and implemented from a social inclusion perspective. 

Placing an emphasis on women, young, those in vulnerable situations, and repatriated persons, since 2005, in close partnership with Kosovo institutions, UNDP Kosovo has successfully implemented the “Active Labor Market Project” (ALMP). Through this project, we have assisted over 17,000 Kosovo job seekers through on-the-job training, wage subsidies, self-employment, and internship opportunities. 

UNDP is also supporting development of inclusive social protection policies, while actively providing targeted financial assistance schemes for those hit the hardest by the COVID crisis.


Green Transition for Resilient Growth

Tackling climate change and building resilient societies in the post-pandemic era means that the world needs to urgently prioritize green transition, end the use of fossil fuels and mainstream climate in all financial and policy decisions. UNDP works with Kosovo institutions, local communities, the private sector, the academia and CSOs to develop strategic approaches that focus on transitioning to circular economy, increasing the use of renewable energy, and promoting sustainable businesses, green urban planning and nature-based jobs and livelihoods. 

In advancing green transition and inclusive recovery, UNDP supports Kosovo’s institutions and the private sector to build back greener from the COVID-19 crisis. We facilitate the Climate Accelerator with local businesses to generate green jobs and mobilizing local communities to become active agents of change. 

Local Climate Action

From the National Development Strategy (2021-2030) to local municipal development plans, environmental sustainability is becoming an increasingly significant development priority. At the same time, responding to key climate change challenges requires swift and inclusive action. UNDP uses an integrated approach that is based on evidence and participatory planning to ensure integrated solutions for strengthening climate resilience and improved wellbeing of all residents. The process facilitated by the local Green Growth Centers enables green smart solutions for urban and rural areas through an inclusive dialogue by engaging women and men of diverse backgrounds, including those in vulnerable situations, together with local authorities, private sector, civil society, and the youth. Particular focus is given to mobilizing sustainable financing for the initiatives outlined in the cross-sectoral investment plans.

Following this approach, UNDP’s Support to Local Climate Action (SLCA) project focuses on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and contributing to carbon-neutral development in the municipalities of Prizren and Suharekë/Suva Reka. 

Environmental Protection: Human health, Water and Natural resources

Environmental Protection is an integral component of UNDP’s commitment to Kosovo’s sustainable development. Healthier Kosovo project aims to mitigate the burden of environment-related diseases and promote the shift towards a more resilient society when faced with environmental challenges, such as the impacts of air pollution and climate change. 

UNDP Kosovo also supports transboundary river basin management through the regional Drin River Project. 

SDG Finance

Gross Domestic Product is proven to not be a good enough indicator for growth. Since their adaptation in 2015, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have set out some of the most important sustainable growth targets, thus guiding the global development agenda until 2030. 

As part of our programmatic support to SDG Financing in Kosovo, UNDP partners with institutions to initiate systemic changes in public and private finance towards the achievement of the SDGs. In doing so, UNDP initiated the Development Finance Assessment (DFA), which intends to help Kosovo to meet its development objectives and COVID-19 socio-economic recovery goals.

In this context, UNDP does not just seek to describe the development financing landscape, but also to identify prescriptions that allow Kosovo to bounce back from the COVID-19 pandemic and move towards a more resilient and sustainable society for all.