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About UNDP in Kenya

UNDP began operations in Kenya in November 1964. UNDP was at the time known as the Technical Assistance Board (TAB). The Resident Representative of the TAB, Mr. Chidzero, signed on behalf of other agencies for the commencement of operations in Kenya.

Thematic areas

Governance, peace, and social cohesion 

  1. Enhancing democratic systems and space for inclusive participation and social cohesion towards peace and security 
  2. Enhancing rights holders & governance institutions’ capacity to ensure transparency, accountability, and human rights principles towards the attainment of SDGs 
  3. Enhancing the capacity and governance of duty bearers to support public delivery of basic services at national and devolved levels 
  4. Strengthening electoral, legislative and oversight institutions to promote inclusive, transparent, and accountable governance and service delivery

Sustainable, inclusive green growth 

  1. Enhancing inclusive and resilient green growth policies, financing, and practices across key growth sectors
  2. Strengthening national policy frameworks, planning, budgeting, and data systems for SDGs indicators tracking, reporting and M&E systems 
  3. Enhancing capacities to enhance innovation of existing and emerging markets across key productive sectors for youth, women and MSMEs

Nature-based solutions and resilience 

  1. Enhancing sustainable management of natural resources at the national, subnational and grassroots levels using people-centred approaches 
  2. Enhancing capacities and resilience to disaster risks and climate impact across national and county levels
  3. Enhancing access to cost-effective clean energy Enhancing the capacities to reduce/avoid greenhouse gas emissions at national and county levels


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