Legal framework

What is a Standard Basic Framework Agreement?
This Agreement embodies the basic conditions under which the UNDP and its Executing Agencies shall assist the Government in carrying out its development projects, and under which such UNDP-assisted projects shall be executed. It shall apply to all such UNDP assistance and to such project Documents or other instruments (hereinafter called Project Documents) as the Parties may conclude to define the particulars of such assistance and the respective responsibilities of the Parties and the Executing Agency hereunder in more detail in regard to such projects.

National Execution Programme (NEX) Manual
The NEX manual is a guideline for UNDP project managers who are in charge of projects that are either implemented by line ministries in Host Governments or Non Governmental Organisations NGOs. In Kenya for example, UNDP works closely with the Ministry of Justice, Reconciliation and National Cohesion, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Industrialisation and Ministry of Finance just to name a few.

Copy Rights -Terms and Conditions
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) name and emblem are the exclusive property of UNDP. They are protected under international law. Unauthorized use is prohibited. They may not be copied or reproduced in any way without the prior written permission of UNDP. Requests for permission should be sent to the Office of Legal and Procurement Support, United Nations Development Programme.

Year Programme Document
1991 *Standard Basic Framework Agreement (SBBA)
2014 UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) 2014-2018
2013 Country Programme Document