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Learning support


The JPO Service Centre offers many learning opportunities, ranging from induction workshops, to mentoring programme and a virtual classroom series, so that the JPO/SDP experiences are a real springboard for a successful career within the development world. 

Virtual Onboarding Briefing 

The JPO Service Centre organizes on a regular basis a pre-departure briefing for JPOs and SDPs. The overall objective is to better prepare them for their assignment. During the briefing, they attend sessions on introducting to UNDP, expectation management, human resources tools they can benefit from, international civil servants’ values and intercultural management.

The monthly pre-departure briefing is usually delivered face-to-face in Copenhagen by the TAPP team over a period of two days. In response to the travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the briefings are now being delivered virtually.  The briefing covers topics amongst others:

Entering the UN as a JPO 

  • Well-being and security.
  • Introduction to corporate values and ethics.
  • Introduction to UNDP (for UNDP JPOs only).
  • Cultural awareness and inter-cultural management (for UNDP JPOs only).
  • Informing the JPO about benefits and entitlements and other practicalities of the JPO assignment.

Briefing on benefits and entitlements

  • Training/learning opportunities as a JPO.
  • Arriving in the duty station.
  • Providing the JPO with an overview of the online services.




JPO Policy, Programme and Operations (PPO) Induction Workshop

JPOSC organizes an induction programme for JPOs and SDPs in the first few months of their assignment. The PPO workshop provides them with the unique opportunity to strengthen their knowledge of UNDP strategic programmatic and operational areas, so to become more effective professionals. It also allows them the possibility to build an international peer network that encourages a free flow of ideas and exchange of best practices.

The PPO is usually organized in the headquarters of UNDP, in New York. Due to the current global pandemic, the PPO will be delivered virtually by using a combination of live sessions and self-paced activities. 


Global workshops

The JPO Service Centre organises workshops for JPOs every 18 months or so. These workshops provide an excellent opportunity to share knowledge and best practices between the JPOs working in the same region or on similar projects. Here are the latest workshops


Past workshops

 2019 JPO Global workshop on innovation for development 18-22 November in Yerevan, Armenia. 

 The 2019 JPO Global Workshop on Innovation for Sustainable Development Goals welcomed 27 JPOs from 8 Agencies in Yerevan, Armenia. Organised jointly by  UNDP Armenia and the UNDP JPO Service   Centre, it focused  on innovation methods to create solutions to achieve the SDGs.  Inclusion and diversity were the other main themes of the event to create a better world for ALL by 2030. Armenia was such an inspiring place for Innovation. 

 2017 JPO Global Workshop on Results-Based Management (RBM), 16 – 20 October in Istanbul, Turkey.

 2016 JPO & SARC Global workshop on SDGs and implementation of the 2010 Agenda, 14-18 March in Bangkok, Thailand.



Learning services for UNDP JPOs/SDPs - Talent Development Hub

UNDP’s Talent Development Hub is a one-stop internal portal for all personnel’s development needs. From capability development, leadership development and career management, various tools and resources such as onboarding toolkits, virtual career labs and certification programmes are available for personnel across the talent pipeline.