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Networking & Alumni

In order to strengthen networking opportunities and foster a community spirit among our current talent programme participants, the JPOSC offers a professional social network on Yammer: the JPOSC Talent Network.  The JPOSC Talent Network is open to all current JPOs, SARCs and SDPs administered by the JPOSC.

Other networking opportunities are available on Facebook and LinkedIn.

JPO Alumni Association (JAA)

The JPO programme was conceived as a pathway to lead young talented professionals into the world of development. Upon the conclusion of their assignments, a large percentage of JPOs pursue a career in the UN System, NGOs, academia or in the private sector. The JPO Alumni Association was created to serve as a networking tool to connect this large pool of talented professionals. 

Who we are

The JPO Alumni Association promotes a lifelong connection to the United Nations' activities. It aims at:

  1. Making use of the talents and resources of former JPOs to advocate for UN values.
  2. Fostering a community spirit and knowledge-sharing among former JPOs.
  3. Facilitating job searches for former JPOs.

The JAA groups more than 2800 members and is growing steadily. Membership in the Association is free of charge and open to all former JPOs of the UN System.

Yearly JAA Directory

Published every year by the UNDP JPO Service Centre, the JAA Member Directory aims at producing a yearly snapshot of the composition of the JAA, from which key statistics, as well as trends over the years, can be extracted.