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The JPO Service Centre

Among other activities, the JPO Service Centre administers the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme and the Specialist Development Programme (SDP). 

For UNDP, the JPOSC acts as a one-stop shop for all activities related to the JPO and SDP Programmes, such as partner and client relations, financial and HR management, recruitment, career and learning support.

For other partner UN organizations, the JPOSC provides customized JPO Programme service packages based on the partner’s specific needs and interests. Such services range from day-to-day management and administration, to recruitment support and financial management and reporting.

The JPOSC is an experienced and trusted partner that has collaborated with UN organizations for 18 years administering their JPO Programmes.

Whether a UN organization would like to start a JPO Programme or further develop its existing JPO Programme, partnering with the JPOSC is both efficient and cost-effective.

Service Lines


  • Advertising posts on UNDP job site and social media networks
  • Candidate long- and short-listing
  • Interview planning, coordination, facilitation
  • Checking and verifying references
  • Communicating interview results & follow-up

Human resources administration

  • Position management, hiring, appointment
  • Benefits and entitlement administration

Formation Journey Phases

  • Onboarding – A new feeling of belonging
  • Facing complexity – Understanding and making sense of your ecosystem
  • Perpetual Discovery – Holding space for cultivating insights and communities 
  • Career Fertilization – Aligning values, opportunities, and purpose

Resource mobilization and outreach

  • Donor partnership/resource mobilization relations
  • Outreach missions
  • Promotional/resource mobilization documents and reporting

Financial management and reporting

  • Costing of assignments
  • Revenue management
  • Donor financial reporting
  • Forecasting, monitoring and analysis

The JPOSC Team

JPOSC Management
Ms. Lykke Andersen
JPOSC Manager

Communications, Partnerships and Outreach 
Mr. Jean-Luc Marcelin
Talent Acquisition and Partnership Specialist

Mr. Aitor Rubio Latorre
Communication & Partnership Associate


Ms. Lucy Meme
Finance Analyst

Ms. Lemelyn Maguidad-Gaddi
Finance Associate

Ms. Ivana Skovgaard
Operations Associate

Mr. Emmanuel Osei 
Finance and Operations Associate


Mr. Brando Ceratto
Learning Analyst

Human Resources 

Ms. Ane Katrine Havsteen
HR Specialist

Ms. Lisa Fialla
HR Associate

Ms. Christina Favrbo
HR Associate

Ms. Tine Holmgaard Hansen
HR Associate

Mr. Mustafa Sayad
HR Associate

Ms. Kalina Kirilova
HR Associate

Ms. Tine Puk Therkildsen
HR Associate

Ms. Valentina Ierardo
HR Associate

Ms. Srijana Limbu
HR Assistant

Ms. Asma Salah
HR Assistant

Ms. Laura Stoelsgaard
HR Assistant

Recruitment, Assessment and Selection

Rana Irshaid Andersen
HR Specialist-Assessment and Selection 

Irina Nalbandyan 
HR/Administrative Associate

Contact us

For any query regarding the JPO Service Centre activities, please, send an email to: jpo.registry@undp.org