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Why partnering with us on talent programmes

Strengthened programme capacity

By outsourcing the administration of their JPOs to the JPOSC, UN organizations gain time and efficiency, allowing them to focus on more strategic activities, such as resource mobilization, partner relationships and talent management.

Reduced administration and human resources workload

When entering a JPO Programme Partnership, UNDP becomes responsible for the entire JPO administration process from recruitment and hire, to separation. This means that partner UN organisations no longer need to take care of day-to-day human resources administration, financial management and reporting of their JPOs, leading to improved workflow processes.


The JPOSC is a trusted partner for recruitment services and supports all steps in the recruitment process, including preparation of job descriptions, advertising vacancies, screening applications, long and short-listing candidates, recruitment mission planning, testing and interviewing, and reference checking. The JPOSC collaborates with partner UN organisations and governments on some or all steps in the process.

Flexible partnership arrangements

Entering a legal agreement with UNDP on the JPO Programme is non-binding. This means that partner UN organisations have the flexibility to determine to what extent they would like the JPOSC to be involved in the administration process and how many of their JPOs they would like to administer themselves.

Client-centered human resources administrative services

Responsive and client-centered services are delivered by a team of dedicated human resources staff. Services include:

  • Hiring, reassignment and separation process management.
  • Benefits and entitlements administration (dependency, leave, rental subsidy, education grant).
  • Advice to JPOs on benefits and entitlements.
  • Management of duty travel and training allowance (DTTA).
  • Online tools.

Career support and learning

The JPOSC believes in cultivating the careers of the next generation of leaders. It offers an assortment of career support and learning services:

  • JPO on-boarding programme.
  • Career development workshops and webinars.
  • Online career management tools.
  • Global JPO workshops.
  • Networks (JPOSC Talent Network, JPO Alumni Association, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

Financial management and reporting

Effective financial management and monitoring of JPO/SARC Programme contributions are key to the sustainability of the JPO/SARC Programme. The JPOSC provides financial resource management services in the following areas:

  • Costing of JPO assignments.
  • Revenue management.
  • Donor financial reporting.
  • Forecasting, monitoring and analysis.
  • Position management.

Communications and partnerships

In order to stay connected to the needs and expecations of clients and partners, the JPOSC undertakes annual satisfaction surveys among JPOs, partner governements and UN organisations. Such surveys contribute to enhance services provided to clients and partners and provide useful feedback to partners governments and UN organisation on JPO Programme performance.

In addition, the JPOSC engages clients and partners through the following services:

  • Data collection, analytics and reports, including retention reports.
  • Quaterly newsletter and overview of the JPO Programme.
  • Website with latest information and news on the JPO Programme.
  • JPO request system for enhanced coordination of JPO placement and recruitment processes.

If you are interested in starting a new partnership with the JPOSC:

Please contact our Partnership and Business Development programme specialist:  Jean-Luc Marcelin