The Magnificent Seven: Indonesia's Marine National Park


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The Magnificent Seven: Indonesia's Marine National Park

February 25, 2019

Indonesia’s marine biodiversity is an invaluable asset not only for Indonesians, but also the world. It contributes significantly to our economic prosperity and overall quality of life. As the world’s largest archipelagic state, our culture is rooted in the oceans and seas, and we depend on them for much of our wealth and security. To protect these natural resources, the seven magnificent marine national parks; Kepulauan Seribu National Park, Karimunjawa National Park, Wakatobi National Park, Bunaken National Park, Kepulauan Togean National Park, Taka Bonerate National Park and Teluk Cenderawasih National Park, are managed with the leadership of Ministry of Environment and Forestry together, with coordination across relevant ministries and agencies.

The total area of the seven parks is 4 million hectares, each with their own uniqueness, beauty and allure. Teluk Cenderawasih National Park offers and guarantees the existence of whale sharks at least 5 meters long playing in the park area. In Taka Bonerate, there are lots of tamed, baby black tip-sharks along the coastline. Kepulauan Togean is home to the stingless jellyfish species which allows visitors to freely swim among them. If one wants to see hawksbill turtles, Kepulauan Seribu National Park has its own preservation program for endangered species. Besides their famous marine ecosystem, Karimunjawa National Park also has a lush mangrove forest perfect for 2km treks. In Bunaken National Park, black tip sharks can be found in between the corals, and moreover, Wakatobi National Park has the most stunning and one of the largest, marine biodiversities in the world.

This photography book is meant to show the world the beauty of these seven, relatively unknown marine national parks. It is our hope that the images will inspire all to work together and preserve these parks, so that future generations can see the magnificence of their motherland.

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