The Economic Analysis of SMILE for Immunization Program


SMILE Economic Analysis Report

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The Economic Analysis of SMILE for Immunization Program

February 15, 2024

Sistem Monitoring Imunisasi dan Logistik secara Elektronik (SMILE) or the electronic immunization and logistics monitoring system was developed by the Government of Indonesia supported by UNDP to ensure the availability of safe and quality vaccines in Indonesia. SMILE inception was carried out in Bogor and South Tangerang city in 2018. The system reduced vaccine stockouts by 70% in the first six months of its introduction. Building on the success of the pilot projects and with the supports from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and the Government of Japan (ADP), SMILE was scaled up to 25 districts/cities for routine immunization, then utilized by all 34 provinces to support the COVID-19 vaccination program in 2021. By the end of 2022, SMILE covered all districts/cities to catch up with the childhood routine immunization program nationwide.

All benefit calculations presented on this report focused on the use of SMILE application for the routine vaccine cold chain management and logistics at the community health centers that directly provided services to beneficiaries. An economic evaluation of SMILE system in 2022 found that the return on investment (ROI) was 2.77. It means that every Rupiah (IDR) invested in the SMILE program yields a return of IDR 2.77 along with the initial investment. The benefit-cost ratio (BCR) of SMILE was 3.77 indicating the SMILE program has impactful benefit for the routine vaccination program. In addition, it was estimated that the Internet of Things (IoT) logger installed in the vaccine cold storages could prevent the potential loss due to temperature excursion by as much as IDR 457 million per month per Puskesmas. This study recommended that each vaccine storage should be equipped with an IoT logger to avoid waste due to temperature excursion and to ensure the quality of the vaccines. 


Furthermore, inter-sectoral collaboration plays a significant role to brand SMILE as a reference for the examination and reporting of vaccine and logistics management. SMILE would be an integrated solutions in logistics monitoring, not limited to digitalization but also innovation and development financing, with impact and scale to be accelerated in other health programs in Indonesia.

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