National Transportation Day, a momentum to launch a disability friendly public transportation campaign.

September 17, 2021

Jakarta, 17 September 2021 – In commemoration of the National Transportation Day today, the United Nations Development Agency (UNDP), together with the Indonesian Women with Disabilities Association (HWDI) launched a campaign for safe and friendly public transportation for people with disabilities.

This one-month campaign is also conducted in partnership with PT. Transportation Jakarta (PT. Transjakarta), PT. Kereta Commuter Indonesia (PT. KCI), and PT. MRT Jakarta. Starting today, posters and short films will be posted at public transportation facilities such as bus stops, commuter line train stations, and MRT stations, regarding the importance of access to public transportation for people with disabilities.

The campaign entitled “Encouraging Disability-Friendly Public Transportation Service” is expected to bring change for people with disabilities who still experience discrimination and difficulties in using public transportation.

With the theme CINTABILITAS or Inclusive Stories about Disabilities, this campaign aims to educate transportation service providers and users to understand and care more about people with disabilities, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Saputra Liadi as UNDP National Project Manager of Response Towards Resilience (RESTORE) project said, “People with disabilities are becoming increasingly vulnerable during the pandemic and it is our duty to ensure their safety through inclusive policies and services, especially in public facilities. This campaign is a manifestation of UNDP's commitment to leave no one behind in our efforts to realize the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs”

He added that a good understanding of health protocols and the needs of people with disabilities can promote policies on safe and friendly transportation services for all users. "UNDP through the RESTORE project encourages a better access to transportation facilities for people with disabilities without compromising safety and security," he said.

The campaign is delivered through an infographic video on disability inclusive education and a short film “Safe from Covid” which will be screened on social media channels of UNDP Indonesia, HWDI, PT. KCI, PT. Transjakarta, and PT. MRT. The public can also watch campaign videos through LED screens at commuter line stations and at the Passenger Information System (PIS) at the Transjakarta bus stop. The video is expected to improve not only the understanding of people with disabilities of health protocols on public transportation, but also the understanding and awareness of the general public towards them.

In addition to the video screening, a call to be more disability friendly is also made by branding commuter line trains on the Jakarta-Bogor, Jakarta-Bekasi, and Jakarta-Serpong routes. There are also posters at Transjakarta bus stops to reach wider public.

The head of HWDI, Maulani Rotinsulu said that “Currently people with disabilities still face challenges in accessing public transportation services, because some services are not disability friendly. We hope this campaign can inspire public transportation users to be more empathetic and ethical towards people with disabilities, with the spirit of equal access to transportation service. The campaign also promotes improvements that have been made by transportation service providers on services for people with disabilities.”


For more information, contact:

UNDP Indonesia Communication Specialist, Tomi Soetjipto,

UNDP Indonesia National Project Manager, Saputra Liadi,  

Director of HWDI, Maulani Rotinsulu