Vehicle Tracking Pilot Project, UNDP Guinea-Bissau

August 2, 2021

Photo: UNDP, 2021

UNDP Guinea Bissau is part of a Vehicle Tracking pilot project developed by the UNDP Bureau of Management Services (BMS). It is 1 of 16 UNDP Country Offices globally piloting the vehicle fleet tracker.

All 4 vehicles from the Health Global Fund Cluster are being tracked, including drivers’ driver safety, vehicle speed, and acceleration, fuel consumption, with a digital vehicle booking system in the near future.

This solution is important for the security of drivers and travelers while extracting important data automatically from the system.

The idea is to install the system in a number of management vehicles in each office (except countries with major security issues). In proactively tracking vehicles and their performance, offices will also benefit from anti-fraud digital GPS technologies, which help improve efficiencies of UNDP fleet management.  

There is no major investment requested for the system. BMS provided the GPRS instruments (dongles – plugged into each vehicle) for each office for the pilot - the software was donated by Microsoft. UNDP Guinea-Bissau provides activated local sim cards to be inserted in the dongles and the monthly GPRS mobile data fees of less than US$10 per month.

There are plans to launch the 2nd phase of the Vehicle Tracking project with Microsoft, which will enhance the software to include mobile, car booking, diversification of dongles, and other contributions to help with the additional rollout and fleet tracking functions.