Greening the UNDP Office

July 9, 2021

Photo: UNDP, 2021

The UNDP country office (CO) in Bissau has embarked on the implementation of a green office strategy focusing on areas such as less paper use (thanks to workflows of more automated documents and print management); and the optimization of its energy consumption by using renewable energies.

Document management on SharePoint Online (SPO) is being used to automate document lifecycle management from creation, use, sharing, electronic signing, distribution and archiving. The process will increase collaboration within departments and projects with a virtual workplace.

To ensure information security, the CO configures access control, uses two-factor authentication, audit trail, and backups. The office also configures the system to automatically notify the owner of a document if they are about to share sensitive data. 

All libraries are secured under the combined mandatory access control and role-based access control models. For employees with the same position and / or in the same section, the custodian (ICT staff) can configure roles for these groups instead of configuring individual user profiles.

The greening programme will result in less cost on paper, and consumables, and will reduce expenses on equipment maintenance (e.g. printer and copier). Moreover, it will for allow the protection of physical documents from damage in the case of natural disasters and incidivism.