Accelerator Lab X BMW Foundation: Solution's Clinic

February 28, 2022

BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network Sub-Saharan Africa, photo credit: Regina Sandig

The UNDP Accelerator Lab, in collaboration with the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt, will organize a Solutions Clinic for Bissau-Guinean solution holders, who will have the opportunity to present their ideas with a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the support of Radio Jovem and Radio Sol Mansi, the Lab has conducted interviews with a special focus on what the Solution’s Clinic entails and what are the SDGs, to support those who may have solutions in those realms but are unfamiliar with Agenda 2030.  

Applications are open for the duration of a week (23 Feb – 2 March) and eligible solution holders can submit their solutions using the Microsoft form: After the deadline has closed, shortlisted solution holders will be contacted about the next steps.  

The Solution’s Clinic will be held virtually on the 22 March from 14:00 to 16:00 (UTC) and the three selected solutions will present their solutions to the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network and to UN agencies in the country, in a collaborative and interactive discussion with a focus on improving their solutions.  

This collaboration is brought together by the joint objective and commitment of both organizations to achieving Agenda 2030 through the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. If you are interested in learning more, please check out the interviews held by the Accelerator Lab here.

Accelerator Lab at Radio Jovem interview to discuss the Solutions Clinic

Full Radio Jovem Interview 

Link for submissions: