Social innovation platforms

Developed by UNDP in collaboration with the Basque, Spain-based Agirre Lehendakaria Center (ALC), social innovation platforms offer a systems approach to strengthening local development planning processes that are inclusive, participatory, and resilient. The platforms leverage real-time data, human-centric design thinking, and a portfolio of solutions to tackle complex challenges at the subnational level to accelerate the local achievement of the SDGs.

UNDP leverages the SIP methodology to support integrated solutions for transforming governance systems. The strength of SIP lies in its ability to go beyond traditional vertical and one-off development interventions by breaking down silos across sectors and informing governance systems with innovative practices to understand the deeper dynamics of development contexts. They also facilitate new civic spaces for inclusive participation and collaboration between people, governments, and the private sector.

Furthermore, SIPs bring together a variety of stakeholders, including governments, communities, civil society, and the business sector, to unravel local community narratives and reveal in-depth needs, challenges, and opportunities through systems mapping, deep listening, and sensemaking approaches. Stakeholders collaborate on the platforms, co-designing and prototyping interconnected solutions to address complex challenges at the subnational level. They are used to explore new financing mechanisms that shift from funding traditional standalone projects to financing portfolios of integrated solutions.