SDG16 monitoring and reporting

Strengthening capacities to monitor SDG 16 implementation and produce governance statistics more broadly requires well-coordinated, well-funded, complementary actions at different levels. Through the Oslo Governance Centre, UNDP works to improve the production of governance statistics and help to ensure quality standards are met. In turn, robust national SDG 16 monitoring frameworks are strengthening the follow-up and review processes of the SDGs at the global and regional levels since effective national monitoring frameworks produce an integrated evidence base of policy and programmatic lessons that can spur progress, support advocacy, and promote accountability.

UNDP performs a key role in measuring and monitoring progress on SDG 16 and in improving the production of governance statistics more broadly. UNDP is a “custodian agency” for several global SDG 16 indicators under targets 16.3, 16.6 & 16.7. This means UNDP has a special responsibility to support countries to report on them at the global level. UNDP also supports governments in monitoring progress on SDG 16 and to produce governance statistics more broadly at the country level through various initiatives. UNDP also has been active over the years in supporting the strengthening of governance statistics as an active member of the Praia City Group on Governance Statistics

The UNDP Oslo Governance Centre manages a one-stop practitioner-driven- portal on SDG16 called the SDG16 Hub. This portal is intended for anyone interested in getting knowledge and information on SDG16 as well to engage with others. It is available at: