Improving service delivery for citizens at the Kyiv Center for Administrative Services Provision, UNDP Ukraine  Photo: Andrey Krepkih

Public Sector Reform

Public administration in the 21st century is undergoing dramatic change. This is the case not only in advanced economies but also in many parts of the developing world. Problems faced by governments are increasingly complex and global rather than simple, linear, and national in focus. The COVID-19 pandemic, the nature and climate crises, and the food and energy crises brought on by the war in Ukraine highlight the need for dynamic public sector capabilities. UNDP supports public sector reform efforts in developing countries that embrace these changes drawing on a range of public management models that are appropriate to different contexts while putting the needs and interests of citizens at the heart of reform. We work to strengthen inclusive, accountable, and effective public administrations with improved capacities and capabilities for policy coherence, anticipating, adapting, and learning, harnessing citizen initiatives and innovation, and governing data and digital platforms. At a moment of renewed focus on the central importance of an effective, inclusive, and responsive public sector, UNDP is also working to advance a new generation of gender-responsive public institutions through the Gender Equality SEAL for Public Institutions, and through strengthening data and research on gender equality in the public service.