About us

Over the past six decades, UNDP has built deep and trusting partnerships in more than 170 countries and territories around the world. From this, we have developed a rich understanding of the often complex, multidimensional governance challenges many countries experience. We know positive change is often a long-term and delicate process that can be threatened at any point and which needs constant support and nourishment until it is fully established. 

UNDP’s governance experts have both the experience and the agility to respond to the shifting needs of people and public authorities to manage this era of transitions. We are best able to collaborate meaningfully and comprehensively in supporting the types of governance systems their societies need to flourish.   UNDP supports countries in a multitude of ways across a diversity of fast-changing contexts and governing models, underpinned by the principles of effective governance that place people and planet at the centre of governance. 

UNDP’s governance experts provide relevant financial, knowledge and advisory services to strengthen policies, institutions and values which give people better lives. We collaborate with other partners and agencies, within and outside of the United Nations. UNDP’s Governance Community of Practice comprises a network of around 1,000+ people worldwide who are dedicated practitioners in country, regional and HQ offices. Our work is a critical component of corporate priorities to build effective, inclusive and accountable governance in all development assistance and UNDP’s offer in supporting member states to achieve the SDGs.