Digital Exhibition “Change-makers in action: Building disability inclusive, resilient communities”

December 15, 2023
A young man with seeing difficulty from Idlib, Syria is sewing a basket. His craft is displayed at the Craft Exhibition for the Blind organized by the Shafak Organization's Makani Community Center.
Saleem Algerk of the Shafak Organization

Are you ready to visit an innovative, virtual reality exhibition to explore the transformative power of disability inclusion, where differences are celebrated, challenges are overcome, and potential is unleashed?

Immerse yourself into the digital exhibition showcasing the eight finalists of the UNDP-OCHA photo competition “Change-makers in action: Building disability inclusive, resilient communities” on the occasion of the 2023 International Day of Persons with Disabilities. 

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The competition aimed to illustrate how communities, individuals, and organizations are contributing towards a resilient, inclusive, and peaceful society and to showcase the role of persons with disabilities as agents of change in resilience building. 

Explore the stories behind the eight finalist photographs chosen by the jury out of a total of 102 photographs submitted by contestants from 23 countries. The submissions were judged on their technical and artistic qualities, as well as the relevance to the theme and the agency conveyed in the photographs.