Switzerland Pledges US$3 million to Multi-Agency UN Programme

January 30, 2018


UNCDF Tanzania


A US$3 million allocation from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) will support a joint UNDP, UNCDF, and UN Women programme to advance gender equality and sustainable development by supporting inclusive and equitable local development.

“The allocation to the Inclusive and Equitable Local Development (IELD) programme affirms the Swiss government’s strong commitment to gender equality and the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” said UNDP Gender Team Director Randi Davis.

“By identifying and supporting women’s entrepreneurship and employment opportunities and channeling investments into infrastructure and services that reduce women’s unpaid care burden, this programme will enable women to access economic opportunities,” she added on behalf of the three implementing agencies.

Currently, IELD is being implemented in three pilot countries - Tanzania, Bangladesh and Uganda - with an ambition to expand as new funding comes on board.

“What is critical is the 'One UN' approach, which strategically leverages each agency’s niche, and comparative advantage on gender equality and women’s economic empowerment. UNCDF’s strong expertise in local development finance and investments, UNDP’s strong standing relationship with national governments and vast network, and UN Women’s mandate on gender equality and policy impact work together to ensure the success of this dynamic programme,” said Chantal Oltramare, Program Manager at the Global Institutions Division at SDC. “We are very much looking forward to cooperating with the agencies on this ambitious and important programme.”

IELD directly supports the commitment to equal opportunities for women and men in all development processes for an inclusive society where no-one is left behind, as well as the promotion of economic opportunities through private sector and financial sector development. Those experiences will further nurture the policy dialogue at the global level.

Sangita Khadka, Communications Specialist, UNDP Bureau for Policy and Programme Support, email: sangita.khadka@undp.org , Tel: +1 212 906 5043