France invests US$13 million in UNDP in response to overlapping crises

November 6, 2023
UNDP 2023

Paris/New-York, 13 November 2023 - The Government of France is strengthening its support to UNDP’s regular “core” resources, with a 20% increase in its contribution compared to last year, reinforcing its commitment to multilateralism and the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals. With US$13,06 million (over EUR 12 million), France is UNDP’s 10th top core donor in 2023.

This voluntary contribution to the institutional budget is vital to support UNDP’s ability to respond with speed and agility to the needs of Least Development Countries (LDCs) and in fragile and conflict-affected settings. France’s core investment in UNDP also supports the organization’s efforts to improve the lives of millions of people and deliver innovative and integrated development solutions, contributing to poverty reduction, resilience, gender equality, democratic governance and rule of law, as well as to the fight against climate change and the protection of biodiversity.

These thematic areas of work are at the centre of UNDP’s Strategic Plan 2022-2025 and aligned with the new French international development strategy. UNDP remains committed to strengthening its partnership with France to tackle global challenges and respond to the needs of the most vulnerable populations.

In 2023, France has also supported UNDP programmes with additional earmarked funding, notably to implement mine action initiatives in Ukraine, prevent an environmental and humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen through its financial support to the salvage operation of the decaying FSO-Safer supertanker in the red Sea, provide electoral assistance support  in Madagascar, and promote effective governance at the local level including through decentralized cooperation efforts. In addition, France also supports UNDP through contributions to the Funding Windows, to advance the “implementation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda” and to accelerate the mobilization of sustainable finance solutions for people and the planet, notably through the BIOFIN initiative. It has also contributed to specific UNDP crisis response projects, supporting a resilient and inclusive recovery in Türkiye after the February earthquake and in Libya following the devastating floods in September.

Lastly, France’s flexible contribution to UNDP’s core resources also enables the organization to deliver its programmes in line with the highest standards of transparency and accountability. Additionally, through the Funding Windows, UNDP’s primary vehicle for thematic funding, UNDP is able to respond swiftly and comprehensively to needs and emerging challenges across the world.

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