INFORM (Index for Risk Management)

INFORM (Index for Risk Management)

Natural disasters and outbreaks of conflict are difficult to predict. The factors that lead to them are numerous and complex, and often risk assessment tools are either organization specific or prohibitively expensive. INFORM, The Index for Risk Management, addresses this. It is the first global, open-source tool for assessing the risk of humanitarian crises by country. 

INFORM provides disaster risk profiles of 191 countries, and utilizes 50 different indicators related to the conditions that lead to crises and disasters. It includes data on the area’s human and natural hazard risks, the vulnerability of the communities faced with hazards, and the coping capacity of local infrastructure and institutions. Its methodology is common, rigorous, and science-based, and it can be implemented globally and updated collaboratively, allowing organizations in different sectors to contribute and coordinate. 

INFORM’s user-friendly interface allows policymakers to prioritize countries by multiple dimensions of risk and visualize disaster risk. The results of INFORM are also available for the past 5 years, so trends can by analyzed as well. It is a powerful tool that actors involved in disaster prevention, preparedness and response can use to collaborate, plan efficiently, and save lives. 

INFORM is also piloting a program that would apply the same risk assessment process at a regional level. Starting this year, INFORM Subnational will coordinate with local partners to develop detailed risk models that are tailored to specific regions and countries. Quantitative results from INFORM Subnational will be validated to global standards, and contributors can include NGOs, academic institutions, the United Nations, and civil society. UNDP, in collaboration with UNOCHA, submitted the funding proposal for the implementation of INFORM Subnational models in selected at-risk countries.

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