Climate Solutions to Keep 1.5° Alive: Turning Aspirations into Action

June 19, 2024
Event Details

27 June 2024

16:00h - 17:00h CET

World Meteorological Organization, 7bis Avenue de la Paix, 1211 Geneva

Following the successful launch of the Weather Kids campaign last April that reached millions of viewers worldwide and called on every parent’s commitment to secure a healthy planet for the next generation, UNDP Geneva is organizing an interactive event to discuss the findings of UNDP’s newest global climate survey and reflect on potential paths of response.

Join us at the "Peoples’ Climate Vote: What does the world want in terms of climate action?” on June 27, 2024, at 4pm CET at the World Meteorological Organization headquarters in Geneva. 

UNDP’s People’s Climate Vote is the world's largest public opinion survey on climate change: More than 75,000 people speaking 87 different languages across 77 countries were asked 15 questions on climate change for the survey.

Beyond unpacking the survey’s results, this event will also try to answer the following question: How can citizens’ aspirations translate to ambitious climate policies that can get us closer to keeping the 1.5° goal alive? To explore climate policies which have helped move the needle in fulfilling the promise of the Paris Agreement, three case studies of national climate policies from developed and developing countries will kick off a conversation with the floor to better understand how climate policies can turn aspirations into action. 

The results of this conversation will be the foundation for a climate event series to promote a narrative of hope while echoing the UN Secretary General’s global campaign to advocate for accelerated ambition to keep the 1.5° goal alive.


Introduction – Agi Veres, UNDP Geneva Director 

Presentation of the Peoples Climate Vote and commentaries 

  • Stephen Fisher, Professor, Oxford University
  • Ko Barrett, WMO Deputy Secretary General
  • Laura Bullon-Cassis, postdoctoral researcher, Albert Hirschman Centre on Democracy (tbc)

Why are the next two years pivotal to keep the 1.5° alive? 

  • Cassie Flynn, UNDP Director Climate Hub

Case studies: What does it take to forge ambitious climate policies? 

  • The case of Denmark: Transitioning to a renewable energy mix
  • The case of Chile: Mainstreaming climate budget lines 
  • The case of Indonesia: MET services contributing to enhanced climate policies

Conversation with the floor: Other examples of successful climate policies, questions and answers