Building Bridges Week 2022 – UNDP Side Events

UNDP will organize three events and a special workshop at the Building Bridges Week early October focusing on sustainable finance innovations in developing countries in support of the achievement of the SDGs.

August 25, 2022
Event Details

04 - 05 October 2022

Centre International de Conférence Genève, Switzerland (CICG)

Building Bridges is a joint initiative, launched in 2019 by Swiss public authorities, the finance community, the United Nations, and other international partners to accelerate the transition to a global economic model aligned with the SDGs. It aims to shape the global sustainable finance agenda and build a bridge towards a global economic model aligned with the needs of a sustainable and just society.  


Plenary: Investing for Change in Africa 

October 4 | 
14:00 – 15:30 CEST 
A This session, organised in partnership with AlphaMundi and SDG Lab, will provide a platform for diverse stakeholders to share perspectives on Africa’s opportunities for SDG-aligned investments, insights on navigating roadblocks and key reforms necessary to promote sustainable development through public-private partnerships. More concretely, the session will aim to put the spotlight on Africa in the sustainable finance discourse in Switzerland and Europe, raising awareness among the private sector about the opportunities for investments in the continent. It will further illustrate the articulation of initiatives to align public and private capital to the SDGs, and drive reform efforts geared to enhancing the investment and business environment. Finally, it will aim to share insights from leading entrepreneurs and investors on doing business in Africa and driving change for sustainable development. 

BONUS EVENT: Workshop on Investing to Advance the SDGs in Nigeria*

October 4 | 
17:00 – 18:00 CEST 

This workshop will aim to provide a platform for an open discussion on the SDG investment opportunities in Nigeria. More specifically, the workshop’s objectives are threefold: i) raising awareness about SDG-aligned investment opportunities in Nigeria, ii) discuss Government’s reforms and initiatives to enhance the business environment and promote private investments in the country, and iii) share insights from leading entrepreneurs and investors about doing business in Nigeria. Dr. Sarah Alade, Special Adviser to the President of Nigeria on Finance and Economy will present at the workshop and engage with the participants. 

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Insuring nature to reduce risks – Risk transfer solutions for coral reefs  October 5 |  
09:00 – 10:30 CEST 
C The session organized by the UNDP Insurance and Risk Finance Facility will shed light on how insurance and risk transfer solutions can be developed for protecting coral reefs.  It will also discuss how efficient investments in reef risk reduction can lead to nature-positive world. 
Aligning Profits and Sustainable Development Outcomes in the LAC Region 

October 5 | 

11:00 – 12:30 CEST 

C This session, organised in partnership with AlphaMundi, will bring together different actors from the Latin America investment ecosystem to discuss how to harness the growing interest on sustainability products and approaches in the region while ensuring the integrity of the market, to translate investments and economic growth into tangible benefits to people and planet. More concretely, the session will provide an opportunity to analyse trends in sustainable finance in Latin America and opportunities for private investments to respond to the region’s most challenging problems. It will also strive to discuss the role and initiatives undertaken by different actors to promote sustainable finance in the region as well as present successful public-private partnerships and innovative financing instruments that can drive positive change in Latin America. Finally, it will aim to share lessons learned from the industry and the development community active in LAC. 


* Attendance at this workshop is by registration only due to limited seating. A prior ticket to the Building Bridges Week is required to attend this workshop, which will be held ONLY in-person and will NOT be broadcasted online.

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