11th UN Forum on Business and Human Rights

November 25, 2022
11th UN Forum on Business and Human Rights
Event Details

28 - 30 November 2022

Hybrid\ Palais Des Nations, Geneva Switzerland

Forum Theme: Rights holders at the centre: strengthening accountability to advance business respect for people and plant in the next decade.

The 11th Forum on business and Human Rights will provide a key global platform for stakeholder dialogue on how to enhance accountability and remedy mechanisms for business-related human rights abuses, accelerate the pace of implementation by States and businesses, and incentivize the participation of other actors. It will also catalyse much needed conversation around reparations, putting people and the planet at the heart of solutions.  

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UNDP spotlight events  

Monday 28 November 2022  

Roadmap for the next decade: Taking stock 


13:20-14:40 CET 

To mark the 10th anniversary of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, a stocktaking effort led to the “UNGPs at 10+: A Roadmap for the Next Decade of Business and Human Rights” . This session will discuss the progress made so far in tackling top priorities. 
The discussions in this high level session will draw upon the experience of the Working Group in engaging with various stakeholders during their consultations, including in the 2022 African Business and Human Rights Forum and the 2022 UN South Asia Forum on Business and Human Rights.  

Advancing Business Actions on Human Rights in Conflict Situations  


16:40- 18:00 CET 


The worst forms of business-related human rights abuse tend to happen in conflict-affected contexts. Human rights due diligence in conflict situations is highly needed while tools and guidance on the specific steps business can take to manage the heightened human rights risks in these contexts are emerging. Using examples from recent conflict situations, this session will consider how business can respond, including discussion of the actions business can take to prevent and mitigate harm, the human rights dilemmas businesses must address, and the role of business in fostering an enabling environment for peace and stability. 




Tuesday 29 November 2022  

Asia Pacific: How to protect rights holders- A multi-stakeholder dialogue 




Across the Asia-Pacific region, trends related to business-related human rights abuse are not abating. These include, for instance, attacks against human rights defenders, the criminalization of Indigenous communities speaking out against such abuses, as well as the use of strategic litigation against public participation. The session will unpack the different principles, tools, and strategies that can be leveraged to protect rights holders and ensure their ability to access effective remedies. The session is structured as a ‘fireside chat’, where speakers will candidly share their expertise, lived experiences, and lessons learnt in relation to the question of how to protect rights holders. Speakers will also be asked to reflect practically on how action by States, businesses, and rights holders themselves can be galvanised—from the bottom-up and top-down—to safeguard human rights at the local, national and regional levels. 


Wednesday 30 November 2022  

Progress and opportunities for strengthening BHR in the Middle East and North Africa Region  


11:40- 13:00 CET 



The MENA region faces a number of human rights challenges and includes a number of countries with varying economic and social levels. The region is still facing ongoing conflicts in Yemen, and Syria and has experienced diverse levels of economic growth and social change. Many countries are heavily reliant on the fossil fuel industry and are grappling with the global pressure of moving from brown to green economies. This change offers the region an opportunity to further implement the UN guiding principles on business and human rights and an opportunity for the private sector to leverage its position to see positive human rights changes.   

This session will explore the progress that has been made on the business and human rights agenda and will aim to identify areas that can be further advanced and which protection gaps still remain.  


UNDP and the Business and Human Rights working group is operates in 27 countries and acknowledges the partnership support below.