GEF Audit: Status of Management Actions


As one of the leading UN agencies for the GEF, UNDP is determined to uphold the responsibilities and commitments entrusted to us. This means ensuring that the organizational foundations that underpin this important portfolio of work are robust, including our fiduciary duties, legal commitments, policy standards and oversight responsibilities. The purpose of this website is to ensure UNDP staff, the GEF, and all our partners have access to the most up to date information on the actions we are taking to correct the issues found by the OAI audit in a transparent manner. UNDP is committed to  strengthening our systems and processes in line with GEF requirements and maximizing the quality and effectiveness of our support to client countries in achieving an inclusive, green recovery and address the planetary crises threatening all of us today.

Management Actions (Jan-Dec 2021) Completion Status bar


OAI Review of Completion of Management Actions (December 2022)

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