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About UNDP in The Gambia

Under the current Country Programme (2017-2021), UNDP Gambia focuses on capacity development for inclusive growth, accountability and resilience and partners with Government in the following areas.

Governance and Human Rights

Following Gambia’s transition to democracy UNDP has prioritized support to ongoing transition efforts and ensure the consolidation of principles of rule of law, human rights, accountability, transparency and engagement/participation. UNDP therefore supports reforms such as security sector reform, legal and constitutional review; establishment of context specific transitional justice and human rights architecture, broad based Justice sector reforms and institutional enhancement as well as civic engagement.

Inclusive Growth

In response to rising spatial inequality as identified in the 2015/2016 Integrated Household Survey, UNDP is working to strengthen evidenced based policy, planning and budgeting capacities of national and local level institutions as well as Strengthened gender dis-aggregated statistical capacities for informing evidence based policy formulation, implementation and monitoring at all levels. UNDP also supports interventions to strengthen private sector development with a focus on skills training for youth and young women particularly in agriculture, MSME and innovative sectors. (Including ICT and environmentally linked initiatives).

Sustainable Energy and the Environment

Considering the high vulnerability of the country to natural disasters , UNDP is supporting the building of resilient household, communities and national systems, structures and polies that will enable The Gambia mitigate negative impacts of climate and environmental change and build sustainable and resilient models. Key areas of intervention include work on protection and sustainable management of biodiversity, mitigation of coastal erosion, establishing network and system of early warning and access to sustainable energy for all.