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A vital partner since UNDP’s creation in 1966, the United States has contributed US$80 million a year since 2012 to UNDP’s core operating budget. This voluntary contribution—in addition to US funding earmarked for programs of unique importance to the United States—underpins our ability to deliver projects and programs in 170 countries. This includes fighting corruption, preventing violent extremism, responding to complex crises, removing landmines, providing safe water and sanitation, conserving wildlife, supporting democracy and rule of law, and creating jobs to help people pull themselves out of poverty. Through our work to help governments become transparent trade partners and viable export markets, UNDP contributes directly to the US economy. UNDP further procured US$726.4 million in goods and services from vendors in all 50 US states from 2012-2017, supporting US jobs and businesses across the country.

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