Our Tools for Food Systems Change


Transformation requires that all stakeholders come together to find solutions. It also requires effective tools to facilitate change, and UNDP has developed a set of powerful, strategic and innovative tools in line with our mission.

Effective Collaborative Action is at the heart of the FACS approach and initiatives. It provides guidance on how to facilitate multi-stakeholder processes for systemic change, based on more than 10 years of UNDP experience.

With policy makers being crucial enablers of change, UNDP FACS provides focused direction towards specific sustainable development policy and investment choices for public or private sector policy makers through the Targeted Scenario Analysis tool.

To ensure effective landscape or jurisdictional interventions, UNDP FACS has developed the Causality Assessment for Landscape Interventions (CALI) approach within the framework of the GEF-funded Good Growth Partnership.

We also provide direction to sustainable commodity production practitioners from government, civil society, and business on how to strengthen national farmer support systems through the Farmer Support Systems guidelines.

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