Food And Agricultural Commodity Systems

Building Resilient, Equitable and Sustainable Food and Agricultural Commodity Systems

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Food and Agricultural Commodity Systems (FACS) are fundamental to the sustainable development of the 170 countries UNDP supports. FACS are often the largest contributor to their economies; food and nutrition is fundamental for citizen health; and FACS have a key role to play in achieving the SDGs.


UNDP aims to shift to a new paradigm for food and agricultural commodity systems (FACS) based on diversified, resilient, agroecological systems and value chains which work simultaneously on achieving economic, environmental, social and health outcomes, with smallholders central to the transformation as the engine of economic development.


UNDP works to transform FACS through collaborative action among stakeholders, to build trust and generate breakthrough solutions on systemic issues. With the current multiple crises of climate change, conflict, food and fertilizer shortages and the cost of living increase, UNDP is supporting governments and other national actors to transition their FACS from recovery to resilience for them to become equitable, inclusive and environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable systems.