UN 2023 Water Conference

“Our watershed moment: Uniting the world for water”

March 13, 2023
UNDP side event at the UN Water Conference
Event Details

22 - 24 March 2023

New York City, United States of America and online

The UN 2023 Water Conference comes at a critical time to accelerate the progress on water related goals and targets worldwide. To leave no one behind, multiple efforts need to be made to ensure that the entire population can benefit from safe and affordable drinking water and sanitation by 2030. The world will come together during the UN Water Conference to discuss actions to address the urgent water crisis. 

UNDP will engage in the UN 2030 Water Conference with its thought leadership in the water sector and expertise on integrated water resource management, under three pillars: water access, water security, and water quality. As a key contributor to the Water Action Agenda and the Water Action Decade (2019-2028), UNDP will participate in different discussions, sessions and events on 22-24 March. 

Register for UNDP signature side event "Accelerating Sustainable Development through Water Innovations and Solutions" taking place on Thursday, 23 March, 13:15-14:30 at Conference Room 2 with live UN Web TV coverage to get the latest information: https://bit.ly/undp23watersideevent 

Here is the complete list of UNDP's engagement at the UN 2023 Water Conference:

EventWhenDescriptionWebsite/More information

Interactive Dialogue 1: Water for Health: Access to WASH, including the Human Rights to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation

Conference Room 4 (CR4), UNHQ

Wed 22 Mar, 10:00 - 13:00The interactive dialogues discussions, facilitated by the moderator, will be followed by an interactive debate among States and other relevant stakeholders. Summaries of the interactive dialogues should be submitted to the Conference at its closing meeting.https://sdgs.un.org/conferences/water2023/events/interactive-dialogue-1

SDG Media Zone: Bridging the Water Financing Gap

SDG Media Zone, UNHQ

Wed 22 Mar, 12:30 - 13:00We need to build a new business model and develop a funding architecture for water, which we currently do not have. This is a call to address this finance gap, through a Finance, Innovation, Governance, Social Equity model for water. https://www.un.org/en/sdgmediazone

Turning the Tide: A Call to Collective Action

Interactive Dialogue Room (CR4) 

Wed 22 Mar, 13:15 - 14:30The Global Commission on the Economics of Water will call for a new, collective approach to water and a set of bold actions to secure a just and sustainable water future, and enable water to catalyse rather than thwart the achievement of all the SDGs.https://watercommission.org/events/ 
IDA-US Chamber of CommerceLandmark Room, West Tower, 29th Floor, Millennium Hotel, One UN PlazaWed 22 Mar, 14:30 – 17:00Climate Change Adaptation and the role of Desalination and Water Reuse Solutions to provide Water For All (SDG6), presented by the IDA and US Chamber of Commerce.TBC

Press Conference: Turning the Tide: A Call to Collective Action by the Global Commission on the Economics of Water

Press Briefing Room, 2nd floor, UN Secretariat Building


Wed 22 Mar, 15:00 - 15:30TBCTBC

Interactive Dialogue 2: Water for sustainable Development: Valuing Water, Water-Energy-Food Nexus and Sustainable Economic and Urban Development

Conference Room 4, UNHQ

Wed 22 Mar, 15:00 - 18:00The interactive dialogues discussions, facilitated by the moderator, will be followed by an interactive debate among States and other relevant stakeholders. Summaries of the interactive dialogues should be submitted to the Conference at its closing meeting.https://sdgs.un.org/conferences/water2023/events/interactive-dialogue-2

(Side event) Water Management Innovation for Underserved Populations

Side event Room 8, UNHQ

Wed 22 Mar, 15:30 - 16:45Demos of exciting water management tech, expert discussion on digital innovation for sustainable development, and new opportunities for IBM support for SDG 6-focused initiatives.Register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/water-management-innovation-for-underserved-populations-tickets-560812203397

(Side event) Source-to-sea collaboration: A Game Changer for the Whole Water Cycle

Side event Room 8, UNHQ

Wed 22 Mar, 17:00 - 18:15Advancing source-to-sea management in practice by sharing examples from a wide array of stakeholders, showcasing lessons learned, success stories and barriers faced, and how these have been overcomehttps://siwi.org/event/source-to-sea-collaboration-a-game-changer-for-the-whole-water-cycle/

Justice Begins Here - with Accountability

Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice, 320 E 43rd Street

Wed 22 Mar, 18:00 - 20:00TBCTBC

(Side event) Launch of the International High-Level Panel Report on Water Investments in Africa: Pathways for Mobilisation of $30 billion Annually by 2030

Side event Room 5, UNHQ

Wed 22 Mar, 12:30 - 13:45The session will present three actionable pathways and a 5-point Action Plan for Heads of State and Government, business, and global leaders to raise $30b/year for water security investments in Africa.https://aipwater.org/events/un-2023-water-conference/ 

(Outside event: Ministerial roundtable) Achieving the SDG6 in Eastern and Southern Africa - A Call for Systems Change

UN Foundation at 320 E 43rd Street

Thu 23 Mar, 07:30 - 09:30 amTBCTBC

(Exclusive Roundtable) Valuing water in emerging natural capital markets

Deloitte's 30 Rock Office, 30 Rockfeller Plaza

Thu 23 Mar, 08:00 - 09:30 amTBCTBC

(Outside event) The Boiling Point Challenge: A Bubbling Discussion & Pitch Session

Dutch Water House

Thu 23 Mar, 09:00 - 10:30amTBCTBC
(Online event) Local Action in Water Management in Small Island Developing States: Experiences from the Small Grants ProgrammeThu 23 Mar, 09:15 - 10:45amThe  event will showcase good practices, results and lessons learned at the community level as well as how best to replicate and scale up the success of community projects in partnership with government, private sector, and others. Zoom link: https://undp.zoom.us/j/85156945245?pwd=M3BsT0xWb0VZTE55eDdnVG5xZzZsdz09

Water security and its commitments to the UN Water Conference

(the event will be held in Spanish)

One United Nations Plaza, DC1

Thu 23 Mar, 09:30-11:00The event will have the participation of high-level representatives of governments from Latin America and the Caribbean to discuss climate security opportunities and partnerships.TBC

Interactive Dialogue 3: Water for Climate, Resilience and Environment: Source to Sea, Biodiversity, Climate, Resilience and DRR

Conference Room 4, UNHQ

Thu 23 Mar, 10:00 - 13:00The interactive dialogues discussions, facilitated by the moderator, will be followed by an interactive debate among States and other relevant stakeholders. Summaries of the interactive dialogues should be submitted to the Conference at its closing meeting.https://sdgs.un.org/conferences/water2023/events/interactive-dialogue-3

(Side event) Strengthening Climate Resilience Through Expansion of Investment in the Water Sector

Side event Room 9, UNHQ

Thu 23 Mar, 11:00 - 12:15It will showcase practical water projects with all climate action groups to increase the fund accessibility and exchange ideas, especially those related to climate resilience building.https://asiawatercouncil.org/

(UNDP main side event) Accelerating Sustainable Development Through Water Innovations and Solutions

Conference Room 2, UNHQ + UN Web TV

With interpretation in French and Spanish

Thu 23 Mar, 13:15 - 14:30A showcase of commitments to the Water Action Agenda and innovative, replicable and scalable solutions by UNDP and partners across the globe, to accelerate sustainable development for all.Register: https://bit.ly/undp23watersideevent

(Side event) Stronger Together: Building Resilience and Prosperity Through Integrated and Evidence-based Management of the Ocean-Water Continuum

Interactive Dialogue Room (CR4), UNHQ

Thu 23 Mar, 13:15 - 14:30The side event will explore the interconnected nature of the land-freshwater-coastal-ocean continuum and the necessary steps to address ecosystem degradation in an integrated manner.https://sdgs.un.org/events/un-water-conference-side-event-stronger-together-building-resilience-and-prosperity-through

(Outside event) Joint commitments to transforming water governance, climate adaptation and biodiversity: Indigenous Peoples, Member States and the UN System

Doha Conference Room, UNDP HQ + Online (Zoom and YouTube)

Thu 23 Mar, 13:30 - 14:45Indigenous peoples share case studies and practices of good water governance, management and rights. A dialogue between Member States, the UN system and indigenous peoples demonstrates new commitment.Register: https://cap-net.org/referencegroup/

(High-level reception - Invite only) 2030 WRG Private Sector Cocktail Reception

350, Madison Avenue, NYC

Thu 23 Mar, 18:00 - 20:30TBCTBC

(Side event) Committing to Advance Transboundary Water Cooperation Worldwide for Sustainable Development, Climate Action, Stability and Peace


Thu 23 Mar, 18:30 - 19:45The side event will discuss commitments made by members of the Transboundary Water Cooperation Coalition to promote and support transboundary water cooperation at all levels worldwide.https://unece.org/environmental-policy/events/committing-advance-transboundary-water-cooperation-worldwide

UN Special Event: The Economics of Water: Transforming Governance to Secure a Sustainable, Just and Prosperous Future

Conference Room 2, UNHQ

Thu 23 Mar, 15:00 - 17:00TBChttps://sdgs.un.org/conferences/water2023/events/economics-of-water

Interactive Dialogue 4: Water for Cooperation: Transboundary and International Water Cooperation, Cross Sectoral Cooperation, including Scientific Cooperation, and Water Across the 2030 Agenda

Conference Room 4, UNHQ

Thu 23 Mar, 15:00 - 18:00The interactive dialogues discussions, facilitated by the moderator, will be followed by an interactive debate among States and other relevant stakeholders. Summaries of the interactive dialogues should be submitted to the Conference at its closing meeting.https://sdgs.un.org/conferences/water2023/events/interactive-dialogue-4

(Outside event) A New Generation of Urban Climate Solutions



(Side event) Localising the Blue Economy: A City-Basin Approach

Side Event Room 8, UNHQ

Fri 24 Mar, 08:00 - 09:15This event will identify concrete actions to foster sustainable blue economies while enhancing water security in cities and basinshttps://www.oecd.org/water/regional/

(Side event) Groundwater: An Invisible Cross-Sectoral Fundament for Implementation of the Water Action Agenda

Trusteeship Council, UNHQ

Fri 24 Mar, 08:00 - 09:15This event is a follow up of the “UN-Water Summit on Groundwater” organized in December 2022. The side event is about calling for commitments of actions on groundwater across the globe and sectors.https://www.unesco.org/en/articles/unesco-urge-greater-commitment-groundwater-milestone-un-conference

(Invite only external event) - 2030 WRG Governing Council Meeting

WEF Offices, 350 Madison Avenue

Fri 24 Mar, 08:00 - 10:00TBCTBC

(Side event) Climate Resilient Groundwater as a Catalyst for Sustainable Development in Africa's Borderlands

Conference Room 11, UNHQ

Fri 24 Mar, 09:30 - 10:45The potential of Africa's borderlands – regions close to international land borders - remains vastly untapped. With an estimated 270 million inhabitants, transforming lives in borderland communities.https://mowe.gov.et/

Interactive Dialogue 5: Water Action Decade: Accelerating the Implementation of the Objectives of the Decade, Including Through the UN Secretary-General's Action Plan

Conference Room 4, UNHQ

Fri 24 Mar, 10:00 - 13:00 pmThe interactive dialogues discussions, facilitated by the moderator, will be followed by an interactive debate among States and other relevant stakeholders. Summaries of the interactive dialogues should be submitted to the Conference at its closing meeting.https://sdgs.un.org/conferences/water2023/events/interactive-dialogue-5

SDG Media Zone: Solutions and Innovations

SDG Media Zone, UNHQ

Fri 24 Mar, 10:30 - 11:00Learn more about UNDP’S solutions catalogue offering tested, replicable and up scalable tools, approaches and innovations addressing challenges in ensuring water access, water security, and water quality through real stories from the ground.https://www.un.org/en/sdgmediazone

(World Bank special high-level session) Unlocking the Innovation and Financing Ecosystem for Water Security

350 Madison Avenue

Fri 24 Mar, 10:30 - 12:30This session will highlight possible public-private collaboration models and financing instruments for enabling systemic change and facilitate an open discussion on pathways for transformative impact.https://www.worldbank.org/en/events/2023/03/22/un-2023-water-conference

(Side event) Science Based Global Water Assessment


Fri 24 Mar, 11:00 - 12:15Science-Based Global Water Assessment aims to be a game-changer, intergovernmental mechanism which will provide solutions, tailored to address the needs of Member States.TBC

(Side event) Water for Sustainable Development: The Saudi Experience

Trusteeship Council Chamber, UNHQ

Fri 24 Mar, 11:00 - 12:15The side event aims at sharing the country’s lessons and experience in water management, policies, and technologies to improve the allocation of scarce water resources in all sectors of the economyTBC

(Side event) Launch of the International High-Level Panel Campaign on Water Investments for Africa and Global Change Makers Awards

Side Event Room 5, UNHQ

Fri 24 Mar, 15:30 - 16:45The purpose of this event will be to launch the High-Level Panel Campaign "Mind the Gap - Invest in Water" to mobilise investments in Africa and the Global Change Makers Awards 2.0.https://aipwater.org/events/mind-the-gap-investment-in-water/

(Side event) Focus on National Leadership for Inclusive Water Governance: Call for Renewed Water Action and Commitments


Thu 23 Mar, 14:00 - 15:15Call for enhanced Water Action, renewed commitments, Principles of responsible Water Governance, equitable access to water for sustainable livelihoods, food security and climate resilience.https://www.unwater.org/news/focus-national-leadership-inclusive-water-governance-call-renewed-water-action-and-commitments