COP28: The UN Climate Change Conference

The Global Stocktake: a moment for critical reflection.

November 30, 2023

30 November - 12 December 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Set against a backdrop of unprecedented climate urgency, COP28 in Dubai represents a critical juncture for international climate efforts to uphold the Paris Agreement’s goal of a 1.5°C limit.   

This year's record-breaking temperatures and the stark devastation of climate change underscore the urgency facing COP28, now a crucial crossroad. As we inaugurate the Global Stocktake, it's a moment for critical reflection—to measure our progress and confront the significant challenges that still lie ahead in our global response to climate change.  

Amidst these reflections, voices from the Global South rise, demanding concrete steps toward the fulfilment of loss and damage finance promises. The spotlight is on bringing the COP27-established fund to life, alongside scaling up climate finance and innovative economic strategies to bolster adaptation efforts. 

The window for keeping global temperatures within the 1.5 °C threshold is closing, yet there remains a beacon of hope. Positive change is within reach, driven by the confluence of leadership, determination, and strategic investment. We see emerging leaders in developing nations paving the way with innovative climate solutions. Transformations can be achieved when leadership, political will, and investment come together.   

UNDP calls on all sectors—government, business, and communities—to mobilize, invest, and act decisively in the face of this global challenge.   

Together, we envision—and are dedicated to achieving—an equitable and sustainable future.  A greener, fairer and better future is possible, and UNDP is unwavering in its commitment to partner with those ready to turn that vision into reality.