Tackling air pollution in Europe and Central Asia


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Tackling air pollution in Europe and Central Asia

June 23, 2021

The UNDP Europe and Central Asia region is one of the most carbon intensive areas of the world, with 88 percent of its primary energy supply coming from fossil fuels, which substantively contributes to air pollution.

The main sources of air pollution come from the burning of fossil fuels in energy production and from household, transport, industrial and agricultural activities. The direct impact of air pollution on human health is of growing concern today, although important steps have been made in the last three decades with natural gas displacing coal in the region. Furthermore, exposure to air pollution is a risk factor for many chronic diseases, such as chronic respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses.

The report assesses the links between air pollution, climate and health, and explores holistic solutions with a set of policy interventions for major economic activities like industry, transport, health (health-care) waste, as well as domestic household activities such as heating and cooking.