Climate change adaptation in Europe and Central Asia


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Climate change adaptation in Europe and Central Asia

January 17, 2019

This publication aims to support UNDP practitioners and partners (international organisations, nongov­ernmental organisations, governments, as well as civil society organisations) in the process of setting up or improving early warning systems. Distinct from the many existing step-by-step guides and checklists, this publica­tion identifies targeted interventions which can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of early warning systems in five key areas. It highlights innovative perspectives and asso­ciated solutions to common challenges in the early warn­ing process, such as budget constraints, limited technical and institutional capacities, as well as the lack of human resources. Through its practical approach, whereby theo­retical considerations are underpinned by concrete exam­ples of projects and solutions, this publication also contrib­utes to the sharing of local knowledge and can inspire the spread and export of solutions to different countries and communities.