Czech-UNDP Partnership for Sustainable Development Goals


Since 2004, the Government of the Czech Republic and UNDP in Europe and Central Asia have cooperated to bring best practices and comparative knowledge to countries throughout the region. In 2018, UNDP and the Czech Republic entered the next stage of collaboration – the Czech-UNDP Partnership (CUP) for SDGs.


The projects bring innovative sustainable solutions to the development challenges for all 6 of the priority countries of Czech development cooperation. 


  • Challenge Fund supports innovation challenges which look for solutions that leverage Czech know-how and generate improvement and value, especially by introducing new methods, ideas or products. All projects need to assure viability in local conditions, long-term sustainability and tackle development challenges in other countries.
  • Expertise on Demand focuses on transfer of Czech experience and specific know-how and creates opportunities to share Czech expertise and strengthen expert capacities within the global UN system. Expertise includes technological assistance, expert consulting, preparation of feasibility studies and other.
  • Knowledge Management: Throughout the project duration, CUP specialists collect, validate, document and provide know how, best practices, lessons learned, and other important information produced during project initiatives.

Major Achievements


  • 75 Challenge Fund projects in 6 countries
  • 33 Expertise on Demand deployments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Moldova
  • 2021 Challenge Fund project featured in UNOSSC's Good Practices on South-South cooperation
  • All project output indicator targets were overachieved (2021 Czech-UNDP Partnership Mid-Term Review page 10)


Target countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Moldova and Zambia


Challenge Fund projects

in 6 countries


Expertise on Demand

in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Moldova