Denmark and UNDP work together to advance a green and sustainable future in the Eastern Neighbourhood

May 30, 2024


The UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark have convened a policy dialogue in Brussels on pathways for an inclusive green transition in the Eastern Neighbourhood countries.

This gathering marked the inaugural step for 'Greening the Future, Advancing Rights and Stability in Eastern Neighbourhood Countries', also known as the #GreeningTheFuture initiative. With up to US$10.8 million (DKK 75 million) in funding from Denmark, the initiative aims to foster environmental governance and climate-sensitive economy in Eastern Neighborhood countries, with a focus on Georgia and the Republic of Moldova, and with an approach prioritizing local development and citizen participation.

An inclusive green transition for Georgia and Moldova is crucial to their wider international commitments. The economic, environmental, and societal benefits of the transition are expected to  help the countries align with European Union regulations and standards as well as in achieving their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to reduce carbon emissions. 

To frame a discussion in this wider context, the dialogue welcomed diverse participants from government officials in Moldova and Georgia, experts and civil society actors, sister UN agencies, as well as strategic partners from the EU Commission and the Danish MFA.

During the dialogue, Anne Kahl, Team Leader of Department for European Neighbourhood at the Danish MFA, highlighted the special aspects that define the Greening the Future initiative. “Flexibility and agility in a continuously shifting operating environment is central to the design of this initiative. It pursues innovation and new ways of cooperation, along with meaningful local participation.” said Ms. Kahl. In line with this perspective, the project places a strong emphasis on collaboration and partnerships. “Our shared vision with Danish MFA fosters transformative collaboration; it is about building societies that reflect the aspirations of their people. Greening The Future is that path for Georgia and Moldova,” commented Steliana Nedera, Director, UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub.

UNDP is committed to supporting countries in the Eastern Neighbourhood to implement and accelerate their climate actions. This commitment is at the heart of the ‘Greening the Future’ initiative, which aims to ensure that the transition to sustainable societies and economies is inclusive, leaving no one behind. By prioritizing local development and participation, UNDP is dedicated to creating equitable opportunities for all.


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