Our focus

Development impact


Development challenges are increasingly complex and unpredictable. With Agenda 2030, ever greater collaboration across sectors and partners is required to deliver impact at scale and to make the most of limited resources.

UNDP is well positioned to achieve that. Thanks to our expertise and global networks, we have been helping countries to connect the dots on the toughest sustainable development issues they face.

But in a rapidly changing world, we should constantly seek to improve our work. UNDP has been working to diversify its sources of funding and to pilot more effective business models. 


Our work helps our partners and the UN system to achieve sustainable, people-centered development and effectively support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

We do this through an integrated approach that links policy with planning and programming, uses innovative solutions, monitors and evaluates impact, and equally learns from failures and successes.


Programme and initiatives