Open data and open governance

Open data and open governance

Across Europe and Central Asia, citizens’ demand for more government accountability and transparency are growing, along with citizen-driven initiatives. Open data is a powerful tool for bridging gaps between institutions and communities. If used correctly, it can help build responsive institutions and efficient public services, and ensure citizens participate.

UNDP works closely with organizations across the region to use data for open governance and advocacy. We collaborate closely with the Open Government Partnership in strengthening transparency and accountability, using technology and encouraging participation across the region, and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) on open data programming and promoting learning, sharing and data literacy.

UNDP takes an ecosystem approach in supporting open data initiatives and integrating them into a range of sectors. From supporting legislation to development of IT solutions, we create spaces for collaboration between institutions, citizens and relevant organizations.

Blackit from Belarus was of the 3 winners of the Ministry of Data Black Sea Challenge 2017, an open data challenge aiming to bring innovative mobile and web tools for improved institutional accountability and stronger civic engagement. Photo: Ministry of Data


Public Finance Management

Public finance management is a key component of effective and accountable governance systems, and therefore an important policy solution for sustainable development.  Across Europe and Central Asia, member states have been spending significant amounts of public funds for COVID-19 response and recovery; however, to a large extent, there remain considerable constraints in transparent spending, monitoring, and reporting these funds. As economies brace for long-term impacts of the COVID-19 crisis, tracking expenditures, tax benefits, and financial reporting mechanisms becomes even more crucial to assure that critical public budgets are allocated where there is the most need and the leakage due to mismanagement and corruption is minimized.

UNDP works throughout the region in close collaboration with COs to track available data and information on financing, spending, and reporting of C-19 response and recovery of governments at regional, national, and local levels, aiming to maximize large-scale resource disbursement efficiency and effectiveness by:

  • Supporting the transparent monitoring and reporting of COVID-19 financing.
  • Introducing inclusive and innovative digital approaches for COVID-19 finance monitoring and reporting, such as blockchain.
  • Encouraging transparent publication of data on budget allocations and expenditure;