20-21 May 2024

Scaling Up Climate Action and Climate Finance

Istanbul Development Dialogues

About Development Dialogues

Since their inception in 2015, UNDP's Istanbul Development Dialogues (IDD) have grown into a premier global development forum, building on Istanbul’s geopolitical position and active role in global development. Here, policymakers, business leaders and a wide array of experts ranging from journalists to designers come together to deliberate on contemporary issues. The IDD has become a melting pot of ideas, fostering dialogue that shapes policy and innovation for sustainable development.

The IDD series was initiated within the framework of our strategic partnership with Türkiye, reflecting our long-standing collaboration and shared vision for a sustainable future 




Climate change poses significant challenges to Europe and Central Asia, with the region facing extreme weather events like floods, droughts and wildfires. The need for sustainable solutions has never been greater.  

These challenges are prompting countries to seek sustainable solutions, including the green transition and decarbonization, to meet both national and global climate goals. In response, nations are developing financial strategies to effectively implement their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

In light of these developments, the 2024 Istanbul Development Dialogues addresses the urgent theme of "Scaling up Climate Action and Climate Finance.” In partnership with the OECD and with the support of the Government of Türkiye, the IDD will convene discussions to advance strategic frameworks and increase climate and green finance.  

The event brings together government ministers and development experts to bolster understanding and cooperation among countries in the region, aligning national efforts with global climate ambitions and the Paris Agreement and scaling up climate finance to meet regional needs and priorities.


    20-21 May 2024

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