Rebuild HER Business


Women in northern Ethiopia have lost the means to support their families and need your help to rebuild their businesses after the conflict.  


The conflict in northern Ethiopia has devastated the northern regions resulting in loss of lives, a massive humanitarian load, widespread displacement, and critical damage to infrastructure, services and the economy. 


UNDP is supporting recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction efforts in these regions with a broad spectrum of interventions, including economic recovery.  


However, we need your help to support women like Yetimwork, a 30-year-old mother of two who ran a tea house in her village but had to flee during the conflict. 


After the peace agreements, she went back to her village to find her teashop in ruins and her equipment destroyed. Yetimwork's persistence is fueled by her unwavering determination to rebuild her business so that she can support her family. 


She has now started a new venture by taking out loans to purchase items for her tea shop and start back up, but an uphill battle awaits her, not only as any entrepreneur would face, but one that is working in an area that is recovering from conflict.  


This story is common among women in the northern Ethiopia regions of Afar, Amhara and Tigray. 


The Rebuild HER Business campaign is designed to support women who are striving to rebuild their businesses. 


The campaign is seeking to raise $500,000 to support 1000 women with a $500 capital fund in the three regions. 



All the funds raised in this campaign will be given directly to the women as a capital fund, with all operational costs covered by UNDP and our partners.  



The targeted women are part of a group receiving psychosocial and other support through UNDP’s Peace Support Programme.    


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$ 500,000 

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The Great Ethiopia Run has joined our campaign as a fundraising and promotion partners. Rebuild Her Business has been selected as the charity to benefit from this year's Running for a Cause initiative.