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August 17, 2023

Rebuild Her Business

Medina Durgusa (Megale, Afar region)



In the conflict-devastated region of Magale district, Afar region, a resilient woman named Medina Durgusa faced unimaginable challenges. Once a thriving trader in the bustling town of Nyele, her life took a tragic turn when conflict forced her and her children to their home. Left with no choice but to rebuild her life from scratch, Medina's journey towards regaining stability and providing for her five children showcases the indomitable spirit of a mother facing adversity.

The Prosperous Days  

Nyele town was once a vibrant hub of trade, and it provided Medina with a profitable livelihood. As a hardworking woman, she contributed to the local economy and built a life for her family. The capital from her shop stood at an impressive three million birr, a testament to her success.

The consequences of conflict 

Unfortunately, the ravages of the conflict reached the Magale district, shattering the lives of its inhabitants. Medina and her children were forced to their beloved city, leaving behind their home and all that they had built. As conflict engulfed the region, Medina's husband, driven by his duty, joined the regional special forces and faced the perils of the front lines.

Darkness and Despair  

When the dust settled and the conflict subsided, Medina returned to her home village, hoping to for solace and respite. However, she was met with a sombre reality. Her once vibrant life had been replaced by darkness and despair. Devastating news reached her ears—an irreplaceable loss. Her pillar of strength, her husband, had tragically lost his life in the conflict. As if fate was not cruel enough, she discovered that the shop she had poured her heart and soul into was destroyed, looted, and burned to the ground. Medina's life was reduced to nothing.

Left to navigate the treacherous path of single motherhood, Medina faced an overwhelming burden. Raising children without any means of support seemed insurmountable. However, the assistance of various international organizations is sustaining her family's basic needs, and she has now found a glimmer of hope amid her darkest days. 

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