Overcoming obstacles

August 17, 2023

Rebuild Her Business

Yetimwork Ibrahim (South Wolo, Amhara region)



In the bustling town of Srinka, located in the Mersa District of South Wolo Zone, Amhara Region, 30-year-old Yetemwork Ibrahim is a mother of two who once led a life full of aspirations and tenacity. Alongside her husband, Dejene Derbe, the couple strived to provide a better future for their family despite the obstacles they faced. However, the onset of the conflict in northern Ethiopia changed everything. This is the story of Yetemwork's unwavering determination and how she continues to chase her dreams, even when faced with the most challenging circumstances.

Yetemwork and her husband, Dejene, worked hard to build a life together in their small village within the South Wolo Zone. Dejene earned a living as a day labourer, contributing to road construction projects, while Yetemwork ran a tea house serving their fellow villagers. Together, they saved every penny they could, caring for their children and nurturing their ambitions.

The Impact of the Conflict

When the conflict in northern Ethiopia erupted, it reached their peaceful village, transforming it into a battleground. Yetemwork and her family had no choice but to leave their home and seek refuge in Dessie. As they sought safety, their long-held dreams seemed to slip further away from them.


During their time away from home, Yetemwork and her family had to rely on their hard-earned savings to survive. They struggled to make ends meet, and the uncertainty of their situation weighed heavily on them. As the war continued, their resources dwindled, and the future they had envisioned seemed to fade.

Returning Home to Devastation  

When the war finally came to an end, Yetemwork and her family returned to their village, only to be faced with a harsh reality. Their once-beloved tea house was in ruins, and all the equipment and supplies they had invested in were stolen or destroyed. This devastating discovery was a significant setback for Yetemwork and her husband.

Battling Health Issues  

As if losing their business was not enough, Dejene was diagnosed with a kidney condition, adding to the mounting challenges the family faced. With the burden of medical expenses and the responsibility to provide for their family, Yetemwork knew she had to find a way to rebuild their lives.

A New Beginning: Homemade Sweets and Cakes  

Undeterred by the obstacles in her path, Yetemwork decided to start a new venture – selling homemade sweets and cakes. However, the journey was not without its challenges. She had to take out loans to purchase ingredients and struggled to sell enough products to turn a profit. She pressed on fueled by her unwavering determination.

Despite the many challenges she has faced, Yetemwork remains hopeful for the future. Her dream is to establish a cake shop in the city of Srinagar. However, she recognizes that she cannot accomplish this goal alone. To make her dream a reality, Yetewmwork needs support from others who share her vision and are willing to help her along the way. By lending a hand to those in need, we can empower them to overcome their challenges and pursue their aspirations. In doing so, we create a world where hope and resilience triumph over despair. 

Yetemwork Ibrahim's journey is a testament to the power of hope and the resilience of the human spirit. She faced the devastating effects of conflict, health issues, and financial challenges. However, she pushes herself forward to pursue her dreams and to provide a better life for her family. 

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