DREI Resources and Tools: Case study exercise

DREI Resources and Tools: Case study exercise

September 27, 2022


UNDP has developed a case study exercise using the Derisking Renewable Energy Investment (DREI) framework. The case study can be a helpful way to be introduced to the concepts behind the DREI framework, and to gain a practical understanding of the financial tool.  

The case study exercise is centered around a fictional developing country, “Country X”, that is seeking to promote 500MW of private sector investment in onshore wind energy. The case study exercise demonstrates how the DREI financial tool can model Country X’s baseline energy costs, and then compares the cost effectiveness of two different sets of public measures to catalyse the wind energy investment. 

The following materials are available for download: 

  • Guidance Document (PDF) (English) (Version 2.0, Oct 2016) 

  • Instructor’s Slides (PDF) (English) (Version 2.0, Oct 2016) 

  • Financial Tool (Excel) (Version 2.0, Oct 2016) – Available in two versions, one with answers 

  • Answer Sheet Document (PDF) (English) (Version 2.0, Oct 2016)