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The Energy Ambition Tracker

The 2021 High-Level Dialogue on Energy introduced Energy Compacts, voluntary energy pledges that governments, private sector and civil society can make to publicly commit to concrete actions that will support global efforts to accelerate progress on the energy transition and on Sustainable Development Goal 7—sustainable, affordable, reliable energy for all. 

Along with Nationally Determined Contributions, Energy Compacts showcase the level of global ambition on sustainable energy.

Where are we at?

As of September 2022: 

  • Over 200 Energy Compacts, including from over 35 countries, have been submitted. This amounts to over $600 billion committed to sustainable energy by governments and private sector.  

  • Energy Compact commitments have already generated USD 46 billion in investment, and provided enhanced electricity access to 6 million people and improved access to clean cooking for 14 million people. 

The progress made on the Energy Compacts has also contributed to a number of other Sustainable Development Goals, including:

  • SDG13 on climate action, with 400 million tons of CO2e emissions being averted;  

  • SDG6 on water, with an additional 300,000 people accessing clean, safe drinking water; 

  • SDG4 on education, with 70,700 new students attending schools through Compact-related actions in the last year. 

Current Energy Compacts represent a significant step forward towards achieving SDG 7. Through the Energy Compact Action Network, new entities continue to submit Compacts while action under existing Compacts is tracked and monitored.

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