Potential Impacts of Climate Change on the Egyptian Economy


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Potential Impacts of Climate Change on the Egyptian Economy

February 28, 2013

This study, conducted in collaboration with the Egyptian government, used estimates of change in water supplies, coastal inundation, and crop yields previously published by Egyptian researchers to estimate the potential impacts of climate change on Egypt’s agriculture economy in 2030 and 2060. In addition, the value of property that could be damaged due to sea level rise
(SLR), the increase in the number of deaths and valuation of such losses from climate changeinduced decreases in air quality and increases in heat stress, and losses to tourism from increased heat and loss of coral reefs were estimated.


  • Agricultural production is estimated to decrease by 8 to 47% by 2060, with reductions in agriculture-related employment of up to 39%, although in one scenario employment increases by 3% and food prices increase by 16 to 68%.
  • Welfare losses in agriculture in 2060 are estimated to range from 40 to 234 billion Egyptian pounds (EGP). The value of property in the Nile River Delta threatened by SLR could be 7 to 16 billion EGP.
  • Increased particulate matter concentrations and heat stress could result in approximately 2,000 to 5,000 more deaths per year, with an equivalent loss of 20 to 48 billion EGP per year.
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