As Sudan Conflict turns one, UN in Egypt appeals for more support

April 17, 2024

©UNHCR/Pedro Costa Gomes Sudanese refugee children and their mother register at UNHCR Egypt after the fleeing conflict in Sudan.


Cairo, 16 April - The United Nations in Egypt and its partners today renew their appeal for a combined USD175.1 million to meet the most urgent needs of Sudanese refugees who fled to Egypt since mid-April 2023.

Refugees face a multitude of traumas enroute to seeking safety, which often places them in precarious situations. Many children and families are separated and arrive in distress, rapidly depleting their remaining savings in Egypt.

The Government of Egypt has been working to provide refugees with essential services such as healthcare and education, but both refugees and host communities continue to face significant challenges which requires. Building long-term resilience plans and enhancing the livelihoods of both host communities and Sudanese individuals in Egypt.

The requested budget of 175.1 million will support 27 partners, targeting a population of approximately half a million refugees, migrants, and host community members. This support will encompass various sectors including protection, education, food security, basic needs, public health and nutrition, livelihoods and economic inclusion, water, sanitation, hygiene, and housing.

Since April 2023, the number of Sudanese refugees registered with UNHCR in Egypt has multiplied five-fold, reaching a staggering 300,000 individuals, with an additional 250,000 awaiting registration. The demand for registration is expected to further increase due to the volatile situation in Sudan.

UNHCR coordinates the response in Egypt, in close collaboration with the Government of Egypt, the UN Resident Coordinator’s Office and other UN agencies including WHO, UNICEF, WFP, IOM, UNDP, ILO, UNFPA, UN Habitat, UNESCO, UN Women, and UNAIDS as well as national and international civil society organizations.

The war in Sudan has forced over 1.7 million people to flee to neighbouring countries, including Egypt, which already had overstretched resources. Support for the humanitarian response is crucial, but investments to strengthen national services and long-term community resilience are equally critical to support Egypt as a host government and enable refugees to live in dignity. Supporting livelihoods for host communities and refugees remains a critical priority, particularly given the mounting economic challenges, while investing in restoring refugees’ self-reliance will promote their resilience to economic shocks and facilitate pathways toward durable solutions.

Working with the government, UNHCR alongside sister UN agencies, development partners and humanitarian actors are saving lives but, in many locations, we have been able to provide less than the bare minimum. Firm commitments are needed from the international community to support Sudan and the countries hosting refugees to ensure a dignified life for those forced to flee the war.