Policy Support for SDGs

UNDP supported the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, through Mainstreaming, Accelerating and Policy Support (MAPs) to identify accelerators and integrators for achieving the SDGs in Egypt – this contributes to the development of the overall guiding framework of the National Sustainable Development Agenda (NSDA) 2030. UNDP also supported long term analysis tools that support decision making with policies for sustainability and resilience. By using long-term forecasting, UNDP advanced integrated policies and quantitative evidence necessary for Egypt to deliver on the SDGs. It proposed several policy packages to accelerate economic growth and improve social and environmental outcomes. The introduction of the International Futures forecasting methodology (IFs) and UNDP’s support to foresight contributes to better, future-ready policies. UNDP provided technical support to the Voluntary National Review 2018 and 2021 development process. UNDP also provided technical inputs on the impact of COVID-19 on the SDGs, progress on the SDGs, the impact of 2016 reforms, COVID-19 and the stimulus package on the Egyptian economy.

People at the center of Development: Egypt’s Human Development Report 2021

UNDP embarked on developing the EHDR 2021 titled, “Development, a right for all: Egypt’s pathways and prospects”. The report provides an in-depth analysis of key human development issues such as investing in human capital, women empowerment, and economic reforms. covering a critical period in Egypt’s modern history (2011- 2020). The Egypt HDR 2021 is based on the Declaration on the “Right to Development”, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1986. The Report provides an analytical review of the policies adopted and implemented during this period and their impact on Egyptians. Building on those findings and on the Government Action Programme, it puts forward a set of policies for the future that would further boost the process of human development that Egypt has initiated.

More on the Egypt Human Development Report 2021 here

SDG Financing Strategy to Achieve Egypt’s NSDA for 2030

UNDP’s value-added lies in its integrator role. With 4 partner UN agencies, UNDP leads the development of the SDG financing strategy, the costing of priority SDGs, and the Development Finance Assessment (DFA) which represent the key building blocks of Egypt’s Integrated National Financing Framework (INFF).