By investing in information and communication technology, we are paving the way to economic growth and employability for women and youth. UNDP supports and sustains youth innovations in partnership with public and private sectors, investors, and academia, and reinforces entrepreneurship skills, financial and non-financial support to MSMEs. This is complemented by supporting other prerequisites for sustained growth: good governance, transparency, integrity, as well as peace and security.

Creating Jobs for all

In 2021, UNDP directly supported employment and entrepreneurship for the most vulnerable population across all governorates with:



Empowering MSMEs

Empowering MSMEs Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are the backbone of every economy. UNDP has a strategic partnership with the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency dating from 1993. Together we have been supporting the creation of an environment for MSMEs to thrive as millions of Egyptians work in MSMEs, directly or indirectly, and many more depend on them for their livelihoods. Our strategic partnership has encouraged growth of MSMEs, job creation (for women and men, young people and persons with disabilities), and alleviated poverty throughout Egypt and helped businesses access financial and non-financial services, adopt new technologies and innovations and also adapt to challenges from the COVID-19 pandemi


Establishing a Knowledge Society 

Through digitalization and innovative development solutions, UNDP is assisting the Government of Egypt in the processes of digital transformation of key institutions that serve millions of citizens on a daily basis, such as the Egypt Post Office. UNDP supported efforts to build the capacities of more than 50,000 Egypt Post employees in more than 4,000 branches across Egypt and establish an Internal Audit Function to improve and ensure Egypt Post’s risk management system.

UNDP supported efforts to build the capacities of more than:

50,000 Egypt Post employees in more than 4,000 branches across Egypt and establish an Internal Audit Function to improve and ensure Egypt Post’s risk management system.

Crowdsourcing Creativity and Entrepreneurship

To encourage social entrepreneurship and increase jobs and incomes using ICT solutions - UNDP enhanced the capacities of 25,000SMEs & Social entrepreneurs, through our Egypt ICT Trust Fund project “ICT for Comprehensive Community Development ”, in partnership with MCIT, reaching more than 30 millionthrough online and offline services. The project has received 23 international recognitions for sustainable impact.

Sustaining Peace and Security

UNDP supports the Cairo International Center for Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding (CCCPA) in its efforts as an African Union accredited center of excellence and a knowledge partner on peace and security issues. UNDP collaborated to strengthen CCCPA’s institutional capacity as the Aswan Forum’s Secretariat, through a series of high-level workshops that brought together more than 300 experts from national governments, regional and international organizations, civil society and think tanks, to advance the implementation of “sustainable development” and “sustaining peace” agendas in Africa. Building on the inaugural Aswan Forum and its conclusions that brought together more than 600 participants from all over the world representing 70 countries and 10 International and Regional Organizations, the second edition in 2021, advanced a positive and forward-looking agenda as Africa charts its pathway for recovery post COVID-19.

Leaving No One Behind

UNDP contributes to the socio-economic empowerment of women and youth in rural Upper Egypt via skills formation for employability and jobs creation and rural livelihood for local youth - through the Egypt Network for Integrated Development (ENID/El Nidaa). Over the past few years, ENID/ El Nidaa has been consolidating its knowledge on best practices for around 50 different activities in 60 different rural locations in collaboration with over 70 local NGOs and Community Development Associations.

The Egypt Network for Integrated Development (ENID/ El Nidaa) 2019-2020:

- 75% of women received training in Upper Egypt

- 4,590 job opportunities were created (72% for women)

- 45 villages were reached.