AfriClimate Bootcamp

September 4, 2022
Event Details

01 - 07 October 2022

International Youth and Sports City; Hurghada, Red Sea, Egypt

With the rapid acceleration of climate change, COP27 is an opportunity for global stakeholders to come to action. This year, in November 2022, Egypt will host the 27th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC (COP27) in Sharm El-Sheikh, with an aim to build on previous successes and pave the way for future ambition. This will be a chance for all stakeholders including UNDP to stand together against the crisis.
In light of this, as part of UNDP's efforts to accelerate the response to crucial challenges in society and raise awareness on the impact of Climate Change, UNDP plans to commit to the conversation on these challenges and promote innovation for sustainable development through the organization of AfriClimate TM in October 2022. AfriClimate TM will support youth from around Africa to develop a deeper understanding of the threats of climate change and how they can have a positive impact. The youth will engage in developing applicable solutions for the climate crisis within the context of SDGs and 2030 Agenda for a sustainable development that could be carried on to COP27.

About AFRICLIMATE™ Inclusive Innovation Bootcamp 2022 (AIIB2022)


The 6-day bootcamp is for the participating teams to work on solutions for climate action. It includes informative sessions and workshops by experts on relevant topics, round table discussions, and team work sessions to enhance the ideas and come up with solutions and prototypes.


Develop up to 30 innovative and sustainable (viable) feasible impactful (influential) solutions to address climate change, environmental sustainability and clean affordable energy and water resources, with commitment of building working prototypes and preparing market-fit products/ services.


Using Design Thinking and Collective Intelligence, UNDP prepared a customized innovation methodology for climate action. The methodology is applied using a set of developed templates with simple steps and guidance to boost the creativity and innovation of the participants. The methodology will empower their abilities to explore and test non-traditional hypotheses to solve the traditional climate problems facing Africa.


Participants can work on inclusive solutions under one of the following themes:

▪ Renewable, sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy;

▪ Sustainable Agriculture

▪ Waste Management;  

▪ Biodiversity and ecosystems conservation;  

▪ Sustainable environment-friendly cooling/ heating solutions for buildings.

▪ Combatting desertification and restore degraded land and soil;

▪ Increase afforestation and reforestation;

▪ Conservation and sustainable management of oceans, seas, coasts and their ecosystems;

▪ Promote and apply sustainable tourism; and

▪ Enhance inclusive education, awareness-raising on climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Individuals and teams can apply if they match the following criteria:

▪ Age between 18 and 29 years old.

▪ Team should be formed of up to 4 members.

▪ Participants should have a valid passport and eligible to travel.

▪ Participants should be able to understand and speak English.

▪ Participants should NOT be involved in any political, violent, illegal, or discriminative activities.

▪ Women are highly encouraged to apply;

▪ Persons with disabilities are highly encouraged to apply, in case of any difficulty please contact:


Selected winning solutions will be awarded as follows:

▪ Best AFRICLIMATE ™ Solution 2022: US$ 3000

▪ 2nd Best AFRICLIMATE ™ Solution 2022: US$ 1500

▪ 3rd Best AFRICLIMATE ™ Solution 2022: US$ 1000

* Each winning team will nominate 1 member to present the solution during the closing event.

Accommodation and Travel

UNDP and partners will cover the cost of accommodation and travel to the venue for all the participants. The accommodation will be in double rooms (2 per room) inside the International Youth and Sports City hotel in Hurghada. Travel to Hurghada will be through buses from Cairo that will move early on the 1st of October.


Ministry of Youth and Sports

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Nahdet El Mahrousa

YouThinkGreen Egypt

MCS Egypt


Apply through the following link before September the 17th 12:00 PM Cairo Local Time: 

For more details or inquiries, please contact: