Greening World Heritage Sites and Museums

January 17, 2024


Together with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities represented by the Supreme Council for Antiquities and the Industrial Modernization Center, we inaugurated solar power stations at five iconic world heritage sites and museums.

Funded by the Global Environment Facility and later by the European Union, our flagship Egypt PV project not only opens markets for small-scale rooftop PV systems, but also pioneers a sustainable future.

With a total capacity of 325 kW, the stations at the Visitor Center Giza Plateau, Manial Palace, Sharm El Sheikh Museum and Alexandria's National and Royal Jewelry Museums-  generate 520, reducing around 295 tons/year of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.

Explore the transformative potential of partnerships and innovations as we work towards achieving renewable energy goals in Egypt. Watch to witness a sustainable future unfold.

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